Scharnhorststrasse 30 – 32

07 August – 15 September 2012

The Project


In the summer of 2012, Natulis Art Temporary gave 9 artists free studio space and the opportunity to creat site-specific temporary artworks in a former GDR auto repair shop right behind „Hamburger Bahnhof“, Berlin’s Museum for contemporary art.


GARAGE ART was the name for the project in reference to all the great minds and important developments in recent history that started in garages, like Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard, Bill Gates, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, enticing artists to give their best! Garage Art aimed at bringing new life to a true GDR relic. For one glorious summer, it was devoted entirely to art. The buildings in Scharnhorst Straße were „good to go“. Anything was feasible, the space was in transition and the situation open to any artistic intervention imaginable. “Garage Art” also answered to a call by many artists in the city to provide temporary studio space to foster artistic development.


An open call to international artists was answered with more than 300 applications by artists from all five continents. An expert jury selected nine artists to participate and compete for the Natulis Art Temporary – Prize of € 1000,- which was awarded to Cheikna NDiaye from Dakar by the jury (Thomas Eller, Mark Gisbourne, James Guerin, Jan Kage, Anna Jill Lüpertz).


The award ceremony and the reception for a general public took place on August 30 with a bash. Until late an audience of 1000 listened to bands, saw performances and danced the night away.


Participating artists were:


Daniel Chluba – Berlin, Amir Guberstein – Tel Aviv, Konrad Knieling / Olga von Wahl – Berlin, Saana Inari Lähteenmäki – Helsinki, Cheikna NDiaye – Dakar, Lyon, Anne Patsch – Pittsburgh USA, Chika Takabayashi – Japan, Anna-Maria Sommer – Berlin, Anton Unai – Barcelona


„Garage Art“ was sponsored by the Natulis Group and organized in collaboration with AJLart, Party Arty and THE_studio_presents. This group comprised of seasoned personalities with long experience in the art world as well as far-reaching networks of both individuals and institutions in the worlds of business, politics and culture. From the bohemian art world to the political and cultural elite, the group reached an audience of 20.000 influential individuals in Germany and beyond.



nine Artists




Daniel Chluba

hole to whatever (and a heap)

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Amir Gubershtein
Tel Aviv


You’re So Vein, You Probably Think This Song Is About You


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Konrad Knieling / Olga von Wahl




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Saana Inari (Lähteenmäki)


‘Because we are blind..’


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Cheikhna Ndiaye


Red refresh


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Anne Patsch
Pittsburgh, USA


Collaborative Work


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Chika Takabayashi




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Anna-Maria Sommer


The Birth of the Modern Venus


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Anton Unai


MY BRAIN is an iceberg


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And the winner is ...
Cheikh Ndiaye


„With his installation „red refresh“ the artist Cheikh Ndiaye has created a mental space reflecting global interconnectedness and socio-political crises that ties back into the garages of a former GDR-auto repair shop right next to the former border. An old Opel Astra sedan was taped off using select newspaper clippings reporting about social and political hotspots. The installation is done the same way, cars exported to Africa from Germany, would be prepared for a complete repainting of the car’s body.“


Here’s the artist’s description for his work: “When people paint cars in Africa they use news papers in order to protect all glas surfaces and avoid dirting them. I am using this technique here trying to connect the idea of broken cars with the context of ex-GDR Berlin by using select news papers. So the result is the meeting of news that deal with social justice, protests, riots with the old surface on “The Red” of the car. All those “stains” remind us of an unfinished project and at the same time one can see like through a map.“

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